Thematic Demos

Dolly Theme includes five thematic demos that will blow your mind.

  • demo-dijnights


  • demo-medic


  • demo-onepage


  • demo-wedding



Header layouts & styles

Dolly includes five headers layouts and three styles completely customizable.
This gives you the ability to use 15 different headers on each of your themes.

Main Features

Dolly includes tons of features! Take a look and image endless possibilites.

FontAwesome Icons

You can use any of the 548 icons of the Font Awesome cheatsheet.

5 Header Layouts

Five headers layouts that you can easily choose in each of your pages.

3 Header Styles

Three header styles that you can customize by changing the bg and components colors.

4 Navpage Layouts

Choose between the layouts: empty, blank, blog and slider with support for revolution & layerslider.

3 Sidebar Layouts

Also you have the ability to hide the wordpress sidebar or align it to the right or to the left of the content.

Settings for each page

Dolly provides the ability to perform general or individual configuration in each of the articles or templates pages.

Color Palette

Dolly has a panel from which you can customize each of the colors in the theme palette.

Layout Settings

Also you can choose the font family, size and weight; the paddings; and borders radius of the main elements in the theme.

Social NetWorks

Native support for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr

4 Footer Layouts

Do you really need more? ok, you can choose between the little, standard or creative layouts for the footer.

Login Form

Also you can customize the wordpress login form with your own logo and any CSS rules.

+35 Shortcodes

Choose between more than 30 fully customizable shortcodes & create an unlimited number of pages.

Responsive Desing

Dolly includes a responsive, mobile first fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or viewport size increases.

Visual Composer

Dolly is perfectly integrated with Visual Composer, the best shortcodes plugin on the web! With over
30 fully customizable shortcodes you can create an unlimited number of pages.

Loop Styles

Dolly is an excellent tool for building blogs, portfolios and team members pages.

We have created 9 different styles for layout’s items that you can change with just one click.


Grid Styles

If you prefer to use the isotope style, then you can choose between these three layouts: grid, columns and masonry.

And if that is not enough, you also can choose from 9 different styles for the items.


Unlimited Sidebars

We have included a system of dynamic sidebars, which lets you create an infinite number of sidebars,
and use any of them in the articles, pages, team and portfolio items.

Blog Sidebar

This is the general sidebar of the site & it will be shown in all categories, tags, archives, author pages, articles, etc.

Footer Sidebar

You must match the number of widgets with the number of columns you’ve selected in the footer.

Custom Sidebars

You can create an unlimited number of sidebars and select any of them in each of your items.

Portfolio Sidebar

Includes two specific widgets that should go only in this sidebar: Portfolio Accordion & Portfolio Summary.

Team Sidebar

This sidebar is shown in the team members pages. At least it must include the Liquida Team Summary widget.

Shop Sidebar

This sidebar is only available when WooCommerce is active, and is displayed in your product categories pages.

Custom Widgets

We have included some awesome widgets with wich you can
display certain information more elegantly.

Contact Info

Display the contact information of your company : title, address, telephone, email and even a map.

Cool Archives

Create a fantastic dropdown menu containing a list of any taxonomy that exists in your WordPress installation.

Portfolio Accordion

This widget allows you to display an accordion with the features of the current portfolio item.

Featured Posts

This widget allows you to display a list of recent articles under a specific tag.

Flickr Gallery

This widget allows you to display the latest photos posted on your flickr account, arranged in a fantastic grid.

Portfolio Summary

This widget allows you to display a brief description of the current portfolio item .

Post Info

This widget allows you to display some specific data about the item such as the date, author and short link.

Social Networks

This widget allows you to display a grid of icons with the links to your social networks.

Team Summary

This widget allows you to display a brief description of the current team member.

Slider Revolution & LayerSlider

DollyTheme includes the best sliders plugins for free. Of course, we’re talking about
LayerSlider and RevolutionSlider, which together are priced at $ 35.


Plugins Supported

Dolly includes native support for a wide range of plugins! This means we have customized
their styles and features to integrate them seamlessly in the design.

WPML Ready

WPML allows running fully multilingual websites with WordPress, making it easy to translate WordPress pages, posts, tags, categories and themes.

Featured Video Plus

The Featured Video Plus plugin enables you to define Featured Videos, which can automatically be displayed instead of Featured Images.

Pricing Table

Dolly is compatible with the best Pricing Table plugin for wordpress. We have included three themes that match perfectly with the styles of your site.

Breadcrumb NavXT

Breadcrumb NavXT is the best breadcrumb navigation plugin available for WordPress. It shows visitor’s path to their content location.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 allows you to manage multiple contact forms, customize their fields and the email contents with simple markup.

Woocommerce Coming Soon!

WooCommerce is the most popular open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress that allows you to create a shop with all the facilities.

More than 60 preset layouts!

We have created a large number of preset templates. Just add your content and go!


15 Home Pages

27 Blog Pages

6 Portfolio Pages

Help Us & FAQ

20 Shortcodes Pages

3 About Us Pages

3 Contact Pages

3 Team Pages

3 Service Pages

+15 Features Pages

Improve Dolly with us!

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